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University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute
Quantum One Building
Suite E290
2 Hot Metal Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Administrative/ Research Office: (412) 864-0157
Patient/ Clinical Inquiries:
(412) 586-9700

Clinical Research

At the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute, research is carried out in collaboration with the UPMC Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism and UPMC Diabetes Centers — the largest network of diabetes centers in the United States that have been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for quality self-management education.

Clinical research projects have included:

  • implementing and testing new models of care to improve health care delivery
  • exploring opportunities to increase the proportion of people with diabetes who receive diabetes education
  • developing educational programs for physicians and other health care providers in community practice
  • bringing state-of-the-art diagnostic efforts and care to individuals in western Pennsylvania communities
  • implementing a series of inpatient diabetes protocols to improve patient care and reduce hospital length of stay
  • launching and testing telemedicine tools, including an electronic diabetes medical record and a portal for patients
  • creating the country‚Äôs largest diabetes registry for tracking and supporting patient statistics